What to expect in 2024

A busy year ahead

Last year was amazing. After a couple of years of being very limited by the pandemic, we really made up for it. I still have some limitations with being immunocomprised and I have to be careful, but finding ways to do what we can while limiting the risk.

What happened last year?

  • Married my best friend.
  • My final run of DDD East Midlands Conference
  • Over a full year on the board of directors of the .NET Foundation
  • Over a year working at NewDay.

What’s happening this year?

Only two weeks into this year and already there are some big plans ahead; with whispers of more to come. It’s going to be exhausting (especially given travels can only happen outside of flu season), but it’s going to be worth it. Some of what is to come includes:

  • Finishing my term on the board of directors of the .NET Foundation.
  • Handing over my position as chair on the Membership Committee of the .NET Foundation.
  • Doing conference talks: two applied for so far.
  • Going on our honeymoon.

There are some items I am hoping to take part in with the Microsoft MVP Programme, I’m taking on more responsibility at work which I am going to learn and grow from and hoping for a few travels in between. I also plan to work little more on this blog as well with some content relating to the talks I’m writing.

Got something you want to add to the list?

If there is something you’d like my involvement in this year, drop me a message and I’ll see if there’s something we can do. I’m being careful about my capacity but also are interested in any opportunities that are available.

Happy New Year