DDD East Midlands - Stepping Back

DDD East Midlands 2023 - My last as co-director

A few years ago, Moreton and I started DDD East Midlands and the experience has been phenomanal. We’ve run with conference (with help) through firealarms, a global pandemic and an economic crisis. Despite every challenge, I’m proud of each and every event and adore the community that has grown around it.

2023: An announcement of change

This year at the event, during the closing notes, I shared that Moreton and I have decided to step away from DDD East Midlands. We’ve run 3 events over the last 5 years, and though we are proud of what’s been accomplished it is time for us to focus on other things.

It’s an emotional decision and I don’t know yet what it means for the future of DDD East Midlands Conference and it’s associated events. It’s my hope that it will be taken over, and will continue on; but that’s yet to be confirmed. It’s a community event, but we do need someone to take over the associated business and though there are people we have in mind there is still some arm twisting to do.

An amazing community.

It takes a village to run a community driven conference like DDD East Midlands Conference. This includes the organisation committee from this year, and the amazing volunteers at each and every event. Also, all of the speakers, partners and sponsors that make the events as great as they have been.

I appreciate all that this community has done and grown. I’ve made friends and memories at each and every one of these conferences and could not be more grateful.

The volunteers from DDD East Midlands Conference 2023.

What’s next?

I honestly, don’t know. If we find someone to take on the conference I hope to attend, maybe even volunteer! Or perhaps I’ll apply to speak! In whatever capacity I’m allowed to, I’d still love to contribute to the event as it is very close to my heart.

For me, I’m looking to move away from behind the scenes and back to creating presentable content. I shall be dipping my toe back into speaking at conferences again, and concentrating on my day to day job - developing within my career.